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Our Sponsors

Themis Advocates Group is grateful to have the support of our national sponsors.

Our Sponsors

Themis Advocates Group gratefully acknowledges the support of our national sponsors: Sea Ltd., Forensic Engineering Services; Ringler, Objective Settlement Advisors; and Magna Legal Services. Our sponsors play a large role in our continued commitment to trust, value, innovation, and to providing high-quality legal services to clients throughout the United States.

For more information about our sponsors, or to learn more about our members and attorneys, as well as what we do, please contact Themis Advocates Group today.

  • Magna Legal Services
  • SEA, LTD. Forensic Engineering Services
  • Ringler, Objective Settlement Advisors

Our Core Philosophies

Trust | Value | Innovation
  • Leaders in Our Practice Areas

    Themis members strive to keep a finger on the pulse of the industries we serve & remain ahead of emerging trends that impact our clients.

  • Committed to Client Satisfaction

    When we refer an attorney to our clients, we vouch for them. If a client raises an issue, Themis will promptly address the concern.

  • Sensitive to Our Clients' Needs

    We understand that our clients have unique needs & strive to remain mindful of our clients’ guidelines and procedures.

  • Experienced in Our Fields

    Members of Themis Advocates Group are highly-experienced, full-service law firms serving the insurance & corporate communities. 

  • Highly Qualified Firms

    Themis members are heavily vetted. To join our preeminent network, a firm goes through an extensive application and interview process.

  • A Network of Civil Trial Lawyers

    We are comprised of 26 large and small firms representing clients in 45 of the 50 states as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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