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Righi Fitch Law Group is a law firm that is dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ needs. We are small enough to maintain personal relationships with our clients and offer cost-effective representation. Yet we have the staff and resources to handle complex constructioninsurance defensebusiness and injury cases.

Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is paramount at our firm. To ensure client satisfaction we have embodied four foundational principles in our practice:

  • Innovate: We find creative solutions for our clients. Recognizing the business market is undergoing seismic changes while the law is slow to change, we find innovative solutions that bridge this ever-widening gap. We utilize advanced case management, database, document control, and communication technologies that enhance our effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
  • Involve: We keep our clients informed so that they can make the important decisions. Historically, the attorney’s role has been that of the trusted counselor who made the important tactical decisions. However, as our clients become ever more sophisticated, they are also more proactive and view the attorney’s role as an advisor and advocate. Although clients want counsel about important decisions, they ultimately make the decisions themselves. This empowers the client to evaluate and manage risk.
  • Simplify: We make complex legal issues understandable for our clients. Despite the sophistication of our clients, commercial law and litigation, construction law and insurance matters can be mind-boggling. We take the time to  explain the process in understandable terms.
  • Resolve: We bring about closure quickly and efficiently. Complex litigation is renowned for being protracted and expensive. We recognize this is rarely in the best interest of our clients. We do everything possible to position our clients for success at trial while striving toward an early and favorable resolution.

Our Diversity and Team Approach Are Our Strengths

Righi Fitch Law Group takes great pride in its diversity. We create value for our clients by combining the talents of experienced lawyers of different backgrounds, experience, genders and ethnicity. We live in a global environment and our law firm reflects that diversity. Our firm takes a team approach and staffs each case with a small but highly focused group of attorneys and paraprofessionals. As a result, our clients are represented by a diverse, premier team dedicated to achieving the client’s objectives.

For effective representation in construction defect defense, insurance coverage and defense, commercial litigation and personal injury claims, contact Righi Fitch Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona. Call 

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