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Melick Porter Secures Successful Summary Judgement in Federal Employment Case

Attorneys Michael “Maz” Mazurczak, Mike Byrne, and Jen Sunderland of Melick & Porter recently won a summary judgment on behalf of their client in a federal employment case. The case involved a former public school counselor who alleged that she was wrongfully terminated and retaliated against as a result of taking medical leave when her contract was not renewed. The plaintiff sued the public school system and the city.

The Melick & Porter team pursued an aggressive defense strategy, persuading the court to dismiss eight of the plaintiff’s ten claims early on in the process. Jen, Maz, and Mike then successfully filed a motion for summary judgment on the remaining two claims. The court ultimately found that, not only did the plaintiff fail to file her claim within the statute of limitations, but she also failed to prove that taking medical leave had any causal relationship with the non-renewal of her contract.