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Overview of the State of Maryland Court System



A. State DOT Regulatory Requirements

Maryland Regulation adopted the FMCSR in 49 CFR 40, 382, 383, 387, 390—393, 395—399, and 1572. For the most part, the adoption is identical to the federal motor carrier safety regulations, however any differences are located in Chapter 11.21.01 of COMAR. Generally, a release can only be voided unilaterally for fraud. The general fraud determination in over tuning contracts would be the same considerations in voiding a release.

B. State Speed Limits

Under Maryland Code, Transportation Article, 21-801.1,the general maximum

speed limits are specified, as:

(1) 15 miles an hour in alleys in Baltimore County; (2) 30 miles an hour on:

(i) All highways in a business district; and

(ii) Undivided highways in a residential district;

(3) 35 miles an hour on divided highways in a residential district;

(4) 50 miles an hour on undivided highways in other locations; and

(5) 55 miles an hour on divided highways in other locations.

However, these speeds can be modified by other statutes in that title. No speed limit higher than 65 is allowed in the state of Maryland.

C. Overview of State CDL Requirements

An applicant is entitled to receive the commercial driver's license applied for if the applicant:

1) Passes the examination required by this subtitle, which must meet the minimum federal requirements;

2) Is eligible to drive pursuant to the Commercial Driver's License Information System and the National Driver Register;

3) Surrenders any previously issued commercial driver's instructional permit or license; and

4) Pays the fees prescribed.

The other regulations for maintaining the CDL are generally identical to the

Federal standards. The few alterations are contained on COMAR Chapter


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Overview of the State of Maryland Court System

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